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If you look at this 1966 Toyota Stout and feel a primal urge – a loin-tugging, reptilian brain stimulating, fight-or-flight-or-bid sensation – you’re not alone. From the upright cab to the microcar footprint, there’s something undeniably charismatic about it. And if you’re a Toyotaku with a penchant for light utility vehicles, this is game over.


Image courtesy of our friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog.

When I see a Stout like this, my mind instantly lights upon this rather well-known Stout created by Masairo Shirato. While I’m not necessarily a fan of the “if you can’t slip a credit card between the pavement and the frame rail then it’s perfect!” school of stancing, there’s something about the white truck that should serve as inspiration for a light modification of the eBay Stout. My thoughts are this – throw a Kanji rendition of your business on the door like the white car (I mean, the grey Stout has already been repainted, so why not?), leave it mechanically stock, and swap on some steelies.  But then give it a mild lift, and put on some classic-looking truck tires – not 4×4 style, but just enough ground clearance and tread aggression to make it look like it would be happy bouncing down an old logging road, with a pile of camping gear in the back. And then go do exactly that, because trucks can (and should) be used.


I’ve always thought that classic pickups are a perfect collector vehicle – especially if you have another project. Taking a new motor or transmission home is much easier in a truck (or if you’re Murilee Martin, in the back of your EG hatchback). I use my dad’s modern Toyota Tacoma all the time, but this is way cooler – and just as practical if you’re not hauling gravel or trying to tow your late ’70s Lagonda to the shop.

Seems like it’s the best of both worlds to me. Classic, stylish, practical – and useable. What would you do with it?

1966 Toyota Stout

Original: Hooniverse

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