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Networkhooniverse.comVIDEO: Man paints cars using RC cars

From the “wow, this is cool and yet a little bizarre files” comes Ian Cook and his interestingly created car paintings. His works are created using remote-controlled cars which had their tires dipped in paint. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds but the end results are really cool. Have a look around his Flicker page for more of work.

Ian’s larger works require the use of gokart or full-size automotive tires. He has even driven cars and trucks over canvas too. Spend some time on his flicker site and you’ll see that he has a great taste for automobiles. A video showing one of the painting is made is after the jump.

[Source: odditycentral.com]

Click here to view the embedded video.

Yes, it say Modern Art Monday. Yes, it is Tuesday. Live with it. :P

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